Current members

Nabila BOUATIA-NAJI : Group leader


Mitral Valve Prolapse group 

Mengyao YU : PhD Student, Chinese Scientific Council

Sergiy KYRYACHENKO : Postdoc, ANR i-Care


Fibromuscular Dysplasia group 


Thomas CLOATRE : Engineer in molecular and cell biology, ERC-ROSALIND

Romain GLANDIEREngineer in statistics and informatics, ERC-ROSALIND

Marie-Caroline DELEBECQUE : Engineer in ethics and clinical research, ERC-ROSALIND




Former members :

Siying HUANG, Post-doctoral Fellow (2016-2018), FRM Equipe 

Soto Romuald KIANDO : PhD student (2013-2016), ANR JCJC Genet-FMD


Pascal TCHELOUGOU : international (Togo), visiting PhD Student (2016)

Zaynab ALSALMAN : Master 2 internship (2017), Université Paris Diderot

Jenifer ASSOULINE: Master 1 (2017), Université Paris Descartes

Liliang ZHANG: Fresh student, (2017), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Siham BENNIS: BSc intern (2015-2016), Université de Poitier

June PARK : Senior student (2016)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Giulia HARDUOIN: Master 1 student (2015), Université Paris Descartes






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