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Our latest news

PARCC retreat in Normandy

Fun diners ! Mengyao presented and almost won the presentation prize...Adrien presented the FMD work. 

New Year Diner : we had hotpot recommended by Mengyao!!

Partners and kids and even former members joined! It was freezing in Paris but super nice evening. Hotpot was too much food but very nice, as usual. Thanks Mengyao for arranging this!

March 2018: Welcome Romain Glandier, new computational manager

   Romain joined the ERC team and is helping with computational aspects of the projet. He has experience with sequencing data and is willing to learn genetics and genomics analyses. Welcome!

Feb-April 2018: Marie-Caroline Delebeque

   Marie-Caroline stayed with us for 3 months and she was so efficient in helping for the ethical and legal tasks for the ERC projects. We learned a lot from her and enjoyed working with such a great professional. She is now our legs adviser for the rest of the project, even if she has moved to different projects. It was a pleasure working with you! 

Feb 2018: Siying left the lab

After 2 years with us, Siying left for a new adventure outside academia. She is now exploring machine learning tools in a counseling company, Paris area. Siying was a valuable analyst for the FMD GWAS work. She has so many other skills that you can admire here (Xmas decoration and always having the "fève" during the PARCC annual "Galette" party.


Sept 2017: Welcome Adrien Georges and Sergiy Kyryachenko!

The team was reinforced by the arrival of two experimented molecular biologists to work on how to link genetic loci to genes at FMD and SCAD loci (Adrien) and MVP loci (Sergiy)


January 2017: Welcome Thomas Cloatre!

Thomas is a recently graduated Master2 in biotechnology and will become our research assistant to work on functional genomics of FMD susceptibility genes through the ERC-funded ROSALIND projet. He has experience with cell biology and is excited to lear functional genomics techniques with us. He will start on March and we are all looking forward to welcoming him! 


ERC grant is mentioned in a News Magazine for European Life Sciences





Scientific Sessions AHA 2016

This autumn, Nabila Bouatia-Naji and Mengyao Yu attended this huge and exciting meeting in New Orleans. We enjoyed our time during the Functional Genomics and Translational Biology (FGTB) activities, especially gathering with the early career committee members where Nabila is a vice-chair. 



November 2016: Congratulations to Mengyao! AHA Travel Award

During our participation, Mengyao was awarded the American Heart Association FGTB Council International Travel Award. Here she is receiving her commemorative certificate from Svati Shah, FGTB Chair 2016. 



 We had a lot of fun, we celebrated Mengyao's price with her first American burger and lobster and visited the Louis Armstrong Park in a November sunny day! 




July 2016: Romuald's PhD defense day

July 2016, during the defense, Soto Romuald looked very serious and focused on the jury's questions (Emmanuelle Genin, Brest University, Stéphanie Debette, Bordeaux University, Hervé Perdry, Paris-Sud University, Alexandre Persu, Université Catholique de Louvain, Xavier Jeunemaitre and Nabila Bouatia-Naji, Inserm Paris).


He was much more relaxed once he became Dr Kiando, Congratulations!!! 


June 2016: "Grandes Avancées en Biologie 2016, Institut De France"



Nabila, Siham, Siying, Mengyao, June and Waed 21st June 2016

We did some scientific tourism in front of the Instute de France, Pont des Arts, Paris.

We then enjoyed fantastic conferences on cytoskeleton kinetic assembly, new immunity mechanism
of transfer of antiviral particules in HIV, microbiota role in food behavior, neurological control of false
souvenirs in mouse model, a nano crossbow defense system in bacteria and molecular evidence
for cocktail effect on endocrine disruptors. Great program, great venue!

International students and postdocs enjoyed half program delivered in English!


June 2016: Welcome Siying Huang!

Siying is our new postdoc. After a PhD on environmental sciences at University of Michigan and a first postdoc on genetic epidemiology in Canadian Families in Toronto, Siying will work on the genetics and epidemiology of FMD with us. She is intrigued by the several mysteries of this vascular disease and also French language, and food.


April 2016: Young Investigator Award to Nabila for FMD genetics study

13th International Congress of Human Genetics 2-4 April 2016, Kyoto, Japan


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